How to recognize a real lady? A good taste is best revealed not in pretentious evening dresses with cascading jewels but in the art of looking perfect even in everyday circumstances. The classic English style successfully embodies this art and we can see it on the streets of European capitals. Moreover, in the artistic salons and the bohemian cafes quite often we can notice an elegant tweed hat – a quintessence of British Style, which is beyond the vagaries of fashion.

Many girls and women would like to buy an elegant hat but they are afraid to make a mistake. They simply don't know how and with what they should wear it. Some ladies believe that hats don’t suit them. No doubts, soft tweed hat smoothly around the oval of the face, adapting to any type.

Because tweed does not hold shape, the designers get rid of the bulky wide fields and frills decor, declaring the naturalness and ease of the basic value of things. The ladies model is often indistinguishable from the male, so wear a tweed hat is very simple — just be yourself and behave as if no hats there. No wonder tweed hat became a symbol of a rebellious generation of intellectuals of the early twentieth century, not wishing to share the prejudices of the fathers, who wore hard hats and bowlers that restricted all manifestations of individuality the strict confines of the template.

How to choose a tweed hat?

The design of the classic tweed hat is quite versatile: narrowed brims draw attention to the giving the full freedom of expression. The tone is set by asymmetric brims narrowed in the back and flirty raised. It prevents the hat from rubbing against a raised collar of a coat and does not constrain movements. Do not forget to experiment with the angle of your hat: one easy movement creates a gallery of spectacular images.

After selection of the optimal shape of the crown, you can correct some disproportions of the face. If you have a tweed hat with a wide crown, a big nose will become almost invisible, and a voluminous hat in combination with a nice snood scarf minimize a chin. The fuller your cheeks the taller hat’s crown should be. A narrowed long crown that resembles 1920s cloche will make an elongated skinny face look more attractive.

How to wear a tweed hat?

Choosing tweed, you automatically adopt a particular style, set by practicality and elegance of the most conservative material in the world: tweed hat implies a traditional tweed coat or Coco Chanel’s famous suit with a fitted collarless jacket and a slim just-below-the-knee skirt. An original model can become a memorable detail of your retro style.

Youth fashion enthusiastically promotes smart-casual tweed hat with narrow brims: stylish boys and girls wear it with artistically torn jeans and T-shirts decorated with conceptual prints.

Men can combine tweed hats with suede jackets and coats in the spirit of Burberry, as well as with informal but still respectable duffle coats.

Also, take a closer look at the original Sherlock Holmes hat. It can immediately become a worthy highlight of your image.

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