Historie a geografie tvídu

Yorkshire tweed

The factory Abraham Moon & Sons in Yorkshire is considered to be a place of origin of Yorkshire tweed. Tweed fabric is produced during more than 175 years in an ancient Victorian building of time-darkened red brick. This is one of the oldest factories of Yorkshire, the biggest county, which is situated on the north of the country.

Waulkin & Waulkingsong — at work with a song

Tweed is famous for its unparalleled qualities: thickness, resistance to bad weather. Besides, tweed embodies British traditions, which remain unaltered over the centuries.

Tweed industry: decline and rebirth

Harris, a southern part of the Scotch island Lewis is considered to be a homeland of tweed. Harris tweed is a tweed as it is, whose reputation is maintained over the decades. This world famous fabric is made of sheep fleece, which is reeled in thick rough threads.

Name origin

Initially, fabric was called tweel, it was the name of twill-woven fabric in Scotland. According to the story, which was expounded by the Duke of Windsor (the former King Edward VIII) in his autobiographic book “Windsor Revisited”, the fabric got its name almost accidentally.

My Tweed flows...

You will say that tweed is a woollen fabric. And you will be right, of course. But before the appearance of this wonderful fabric there was the River Tweed, which we will tell you about.

Moon factory

All activity of the factory, from providing sewing classrooms in Leeds with material in the 19th century till cooperation with the biggest fashion houses of our time, makes history of Moon now. All the way of the company over the past 175 years is below.

How tweed defeated famine

Tweed is a unique fabric. It is not only beautiful but also durable. It is not only warm but also impermeable. It is not only elegant but also protects from bad weather.

Donegal tweed

Another sort of tweed fabric is produced in the north Ireland in the picturesque area Donegal. Therefore it is called Donegal tweed. More than a century local residents rear in these mountains and swamps a special breed of sheep with warm long fleece, which protects them from cold.