Cherchbi: tweed admirers

Cherchbi is a young but very popular brand in its home country. It was founded in Great Britain by Adam Atkinson in the 2007. Cherchbi believes that its main mission is an extensive popularisation of products made of English tweed. It seems like Cherchbi asks an imaginary customer “Do you like tweed as we like it?”

Accessories Cherchbi

Today Cherchbi produces high-quality accessories made of tweed and natural leather. Modern fashion design combines here successfully with timeless classic. Every Cherchbi product reminds of good old English traditions. Understated chic, comfort and reliability.

The brand offers different products of their tweed Herdwyck, English leather bags wrought by hand, leather belts, covers and other accessories. All the production stages of every product are carried out in Great Britain, there are no any fakes!

Cherchbi uses only the best natural materials including manually crafted leather. Even the smallest details (for example, metal accessories made of English gunmetal, clasps and so on) pass through careful quality control. The only piece of bags Cherchbi which is transported to the place of production from abroad is Swiss slide fasteners. It is because there are no relevant factories in the territory of Great Britain.

Tweed Herdwick №10

The main honour of Cherchbi is, of course, tweed Herdwick №10.

It is produced of wool of noble breed of big horns, whose herds are bred in the north of Scotland for almost 1000 years. By the way, meat of these sheep is also considered to be a delicacy.

The process of producing of this kind of tweed is time-consuming and painstaking. 4 years pass between the moment when a shepherd shears off sheep’s fleece and the minute when the ready fabrics get on the table of cutter. But the tweed fabric Herdwick №10 is characterized by excellent quality, high density and water resistance. That is why it is used for making-up bags and rucksacks.

Philosophy of bags Cherchbi based on the principle of maximal utility in combination with stylish outside. There is nothing excessive, simple and clear silhouettes of bags amaze with nobleness of lines. With such tweed bag you will feel like a person with pure taste under any circumstances. They are equally pertinent anywhere, in combination with any clothes.

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