Images in tweed

Tweed suits have never gone out of fashion since they appeared in Britain. Young gentlemen and children from middle class families looked almost identical on holidays:

  • big, a little bit shapeless peak cap,

  • shortened trousers (buttoned under knee),

  • jacket with suede elbow-pads,

  • white shirt.

In rich families children wore white lawny or silk shirts, which were usually worn with bow tie.

So respectable Englishmen walked to the morning Sunday service: fathers in tweed jackets led by the hand serious little descendants in almost grownup woollen suits in grey and brown colours. Of course, fashion had constantly changed and eventually, a plenty of variants in tweed appeared.

Hunters and horsemen

English hunter is also a gentleman, who temporarily changed tweed coat for a short loose jacket and trousers tucked into high boots or blucher boots. There is a lot of pockets in his shooting coat: chest pockets, side pockets, inside pockets.

The suit has big leather insets on elbows and on knees. The outfit looks a little bit baggy but nothing must hamper the hunter, who aims for a woodcock! Here everything is figured out to the last detail.

A men’s horseman suit of soft tweed (sample of 19th century) looks much more elegant: tight jacket with long flaps, raglan kepi, soft leather boots. The clothes for men of arms and jockeys were made-up of thinner material.

Retro cruise

Who could only think that retro cruise Tweed Run carried out in the 2009 in England will gain such popularity. The show took place in the majority of European capitals. There were more than enough people who wished to put on classical British costume. A plenty of women also used the opportunity to show their tweed attires.

Retro bikes were ridden by gentlemen with curled moustache, in woollen gaiters and tweed waistcoats, and behind them were beautiful ladies in checked dresses, small hats and blucher boots. This amazing performance united those who like the history of good old England!

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