Tweed fashion for the ages

What is Great Britain primarily associated with? Of course, it’s Big Ben, traditional tee and, doubtless, tweed. This material embodies real English restraint, reliability and elegance. Tweed items can be a stylish supplement to any image and an excellent way to emphasize delicate taste and original style of their owner.

Generally, tweed is associated with a formal trouser suit, which every business man definitely has in his wardrobe. However, owing to unique colours, which are woven from threads of different kinds of wool, not only trousers but also skirts, hats, bags and even true Scotch kilts are made-up of tweed.

It is known, that this item of the traditional Scotch costume is not only decorative but also practical. “The men’s skirt” should be warm, wind- and waterproof, and colour grade of its traditional check should correspond with the colours of one of the clans. Practical tweed made of natural wool has all these qualities. Therefore those who dream about such original clothes as kilt should pay attention to tweed of different colours and thickness.

Natural fabrics are the new black

Tweed achieved a rightful place not only in the wardrobe of a real man but it also is the object of deserved attention of women. Tweed dresses came into fashion thanks to Coco Chanel and this fashion was followed all over the world. This tendency is still actual.

Modern couturiers adore tweed because of its utility and relief, which other fabrics are lack of. A formal dress of thick tweed or delicate evening model made of tweed will emphasize silhouette perfectly.

One of the best models for office is an irreplaceable tweed pencil skirt. This model suits women with any body type, and strictness and thickness of the fabric make the skirt elegant and stylish.

Besides, cold colours of tweed give you a feeling of comfort and let you satisfy dress-code in the office. Admirers of bright colours will like original models of checked or striped tweed.

English tweed accessories

Every woman pays enormous attention to accessories. Therefore tweed bags are at the height of popularity during autumn and winter seasons. Made of grey or black fabric they will ideally finish any image and give it real English chic. For evening dress or city stroll you can choose bag in colour of bright Scotch check. Tweed bags have formal, laconic forms and are characterised with simplicity and utility. Because of this unshowy elegance they are appreciated by women.

It’s obvious, that natural fabrics are always highly valued both by couturiers, who create fashion, and by usual philistines. In spite of its strictness tweed will never go out of fashion and will never lose its actuality. Being a true embodiment of elegance and style, this material is timeless, and tweed items can be the spark, which gives your image charm and originality.

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