Tweed is a must have of a modern dandy

A modern term “dandy” differs a little bit from the meaning it had 100 years ago but a temptation to look like a London dandy hasn’t gone. Traditions of the English fashion-monger are also not broken. They are still alive and keep proving a rock-solid truth that classic never dies.

Dandy’s principle

The term “dandy” appeared in England in the 19th century. A founder of dandyism was an Englishman George Brummell, who was famous for his inimitable taste. In contrast to other fashion-mongers he could dress and conduct himself on the principle “visible lies in the invisible”. What is the secret of this principle? It includes the following compounds: simplicity, elegance and ideal cut, which should be mixed with a sense of freedom and carelessness. In “dandy” style only expensive materials and classical colours (black, brown, grey, white and so on) are used.

Warm tweed

Tweed also couldn’t be left aside because this woollen fabric is incredibly popular in England. It’s connected with a long period of chillness in the Misty Albion. Despite the fact that originally tweed clothes were intended for long outings and hunting only, later tweed suits became a part of dandy world’s representatives. Heavy and rough fabric was made easier and more applicable for a citizen, it appeared a lot of patterns and colour shades including bright light colours for those who desired to stand out of the pack. Therefore in autumn and winter tweed clothes are so called must-have for a real connoisseur of English traditions.

Tweed today

Today tweed has not gone out of fashion, it is actual not only for a college professor but also for representatives of the young generation, who appreciate long-standing traditions. Assortment of tweed clothes is various: there are trousers, suits, waistcoats, scarves, caps, hats, ties and many other things. There are tweed clothes which suit to everyone.

Tweed jacket is a property of the Englishmen because one needn’t fear of chillness in it and at the same time one will look original and stylish. Combinations of tweed with other items shouldn’t be outrageous, they supposed to be understated, what is inherent to a true dandy. Comfort and practicality are valued most of all. Besides, tweed combines perfectly with other fabrics, so you can supplement dilute and severe tweed with bright elements of other items for creation of inimitable image.

Characteristics of tweed

Characteristic of tweed is a possibility of its multi-use. A wardrobe of modern dandy includes not only formal clothes but also clothes in casual style, which should also be stylish but at the same time a little bit careless. Traditional tweed clothes are namely such type of clothes in cold weather. They don’t make you to follow the formal rules but give you a feeling of easiness and freedom.

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