The Norfolk jacket

What is the Norfolk jacket? This term identifies a peculiar cut and design of a jacket. It can also mean that it is about a jacket intended for wearing without identical suit trousers. So this jacket can be worn with almost any trousers, even with jeans. But let us have a look at other features of the Norfolk jackets.

What is the Norfolk jacket?

Norfolk jackets are also called sports jackets. Initially they were intended for golf, riding or hunting in the open air. To protect owner of the Norfolk jacket from the dull, rainy and chilly British climate and cold and to make him feel comfortable, these jackets are made-up of thick, heavy and waterproof fabric – of tweed. It should be marked that sports jackets can be also made of wool, corduroy or twill. But tweed jacket is considered to be classical, it is durable, functional and warm.

The Norfolk jacket can be often known by its pattern, which is not typical of tweed suit. It can be a houndstooth pattern or herringbone. But it is not a hard rule, the pattern can be different. Summer models of the Norfolk jackets are generally one-colour, with big stripes or checked.

Another unique detail of the Norfolk jacket is a belt. It is made-up of the same fabric as jacket. A silhouette looks formal and fit with the belt, it makes a figure slender visually.

Pockets of the jacket are also unusual. They are deep, rectangular and covered with flaps.

The Norfolk jacket is often decorated with insets in form of leather or shammy patches on the elbows and shoulders. Nowadays they are decorative fixtures but, initially, they had practical sense: the woollen fabric didn’t turn glossy prematurely on the elbows. And the galloons on the shoulders protected the jacket from the rubbing of a gun sling.

How did the Norfolk jacket appear?

Cut of the Norfolk jacket must be loose enough, not to fit too tightly. It is made, in order not to restrain the movements of a sportsman. When you try on the Norfolk jacket, make sure, that you can wave with the hands, raise them, bend and sit down.

It is believed, that the Norfolk jacket became a part of the gentleman’s wardrobe owing to the English King Edward VII (1841 – 1910). In the end of the 19th century the jacket was a favourite thing of the golfers and cyclists, who did not like to wear formal classical frocks and jackets with the sports breeches. A comfortable and loose sports jacket was very convenient.

During more than 100 years the Norfolk jacket did not suffer any significant changes. When you put it on, you can feel like an aristocrat who is going to go to a golf-club.

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