Variety of cuts of tweed jackets and more

Tweed jackets are one of the most popular kinds of clothes for men. They come in the market in different versions of designer fulfilment. The vogue of single-breasted items gives place to double-breasted models, the cut, width of lapels and pockets and type of silhouette (loose or form-fitting) change.

In spite of a large number of models all tweed and other jackets can be divided in two groups by type of cut: single-breasted and double-breasted.

Single-breasted jackets as multi-purpose men’s clothes

Single-breasted jackets are buttoned in one row. The upper button is sewed in the place where lapels end or a little bit lower. Lapels are vertical lateral flaps set symmetrically in the upper part of the item (availability of lapels differs jacket from field jacket).

The number of buttons is defined with the cut of the item. Usually the model has from two to four buttons. The lower button is a designer element and according to unspoken rules of decorum is not fastened. Buttons on the inner part of the sleeve are usually dead-sewed. Inner pocket is for keeping the wallet and valuables.

Besides, dinner jackets, which are a kind of men’s jacket, are fastened one button. Pockets of men’s jacket are usually slash (more rarely patch). Functionally it is more comfortable version of men’s clothes design.

There is a tweed suit with patch pockets, closable flaps (or without them) on offer, but this cut is not right for business meetings, receptions and is not used as formal clothes.

Single-breasted jackets suit almost all men: stout, lean, tall and those who are not of medium height, so this cut is very popular with men.

Double-breasted jackets, respectability and elegance

Double-breasted jackets are characterized with symmetrical buttons’ row (three or four), placed left and right from the central line of the product. During the fastening the left half covers the right one, but fixation of clothes is made with one or two buttons only. The double-breasted jacket is thicker than single-breasted because the cut is provided with extra layer of fabric (the second coat-breast).

One should remember that men who are overweight will look more stout and massive in double-breasted clothes. This cut does not suit people who are short in height, round-shouldered or too lean. Slim men that do not have the listed features will look stylish, elegant and respectable. Of course, if the jacket fits and has a noble colouring. Double-breasted jacket is not generally worn without tie or bow-tie, and a handkerchief is usually an obligatory detail, which is applied to the item.

Taking into account the listed principles of suit’s choice, an individual agency should be considered. Sometimes double-breasted tweed jackets look stylish on small and stocky men against all the rules of clothes’ choice. At the same time, single-breasted jacket is more multi-purpose and democratic sort of clothes, an obligatory piece of formal suit, therefore it is always in the wardrobe of a modern man.

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