What is tweed jacket worn with?

Tweed jacket is an excellent item of clothing for admirers of the classical style. It suits perfectly for the cold season, protects from wind and frost. Besides, tweed jacket does not get out of shape for a long time owing to higher roughness of fabric. Moreover, it looks stylish and gives a man special attractiveness. It is believed, that tweed clothes are worn by sophisticated people who have a good taste in style. But how should one wear this wonderful item to look really nice?

To begin with, one should remember that tweed jacket is worn with shirt or pullover. Dry-fit jacket is highly inappropriate with it. Tweed jacket does not match with sports clothes, so sports trousers or training shoes can’t be worn with it. Shoes are ideal variant; kind of shoes depends on the owner’s taste.

If you decided to wear a tweed jacket with pullover, it is worth to check, if there is enough place under it. It allows moving easily without having a sense of impaction.

Tweed jacket can be worn with trousers of other colour or other fabric. Such odd suit will be a good variant for those who do not wish to look too formal. Tweed jacket matches also with jeans, it is also a stylish combination.

Modern tweed jacket is the golden mean between leisurewear and formal suit for the office. It can be worn to work, if there is no dress code in the organization, what means a classical black suit. But you shouldn’t forget that tweed is a quite thick fabric, so it can be hot in it.

Some words about seasonality

Stylish tweed jacket is an ideal decision for a cold season. It can be an alternative to outer garments. For example, it can easily replace a coat. However, you can also wear something over tweed jacket.

It is not very difficult to find clothes and shoes which would match with tweed jacket. Such a jacket is a very multi-purpose item, it can be worn both with formal shirts and democratic pullovers. Sports clothes are the only taboo but with jeans it will look very stylish. 

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