Literary tweed

Tweed is worn not only by acknowledged master of deduction Sherlock Holmes. But for his famous kepi, there is a great amount of characters in literature, who wear this beautiful, warm and comfortable fabric.


Many readers like Bertie Wooster, a character of the books of Wodehouse. However, not everyone knows, that this character is copied from the Duke of Windsor to a large extent. Even his name, according to one of the versions, was borrowed from derivative of one of the Duke’s names — Albert.

The Duke of Windsor, when he was the Prince of Wales, was interested in fashion and influenced it to a great extent. He liked to experiment with colours and fabrics, with cut, accessories, combined things, which seemed to be incongruous.

Bertie Wooster’s suits embody all the innovations, which were brought by his prototype to man’s fashion in the beginning of the last century. It is tweed suits for outings and hunting, sports tweed suits consisting of single-breasted jacket or waistcoat and breeches, for golf, for example. And, of course, famous double-breasted checked tweed suit “Prince of Wales”.

Professor and militarist

Tweed is often mentioned in detectives of Agatha Christie. For example, Captain Hastings, loyal friend of the detective Hercule Poirot, is a living personification of a true English gentleman. Hastings dresses in conformity with fashion: tweed jackets, hats and waistcoats.

A character of the popular novels of Dan Brown, Harvard University professor and fancier of various religious symbols Robert Langdon also can’t go without his favourite tweed jacket. Langdon always wears one and the same jacket of definite firm and model, with double lining. In one of the books, “Angels & Demons”, the double lining of the jacket even saves an ancient parchment with extremely valuable information from soaking.

Tweed clothes can emphasize a special atmosphere of the work, add colouring to characters and define their character accurately. No wonder that many authors like to dress their characters in such clothes. 

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