Tweed jacket Chanel

The name of famous Coco Chanel is known to everyone. Designer, couturiere, creator of innovative for her time attires and accessories. It is she who clothed woman in the little black dress, trousers, tweed costume.

Beginning of creative career

Early life of the future couturiere was joyless. Maybe that was the reason why Gabrielle Chanel (figured in history name Coco is just a firmly stuck nickname) had never told about her past. Only in general terms, her father quitted the family, her mother died early, and she was placed in an orphan’s home, where girls were learnt to sew. But in the orphanage Coco understood that she liked to turn a square of cloth into a dress or a stylish costume.

In a few years the young woman could open a small hat studio in Paris. Feeling mood of the times she understood that to the beginning of the 20th century a woman had tired of corsets, heavy long skirts, huge and complicated head wears. And Gabrielle Chanel ventured to offer women something absolutely new: comfortable, simple and practical clothes.

Coco liked to repeat “I was always stronger than my passions; work was a kind of drug for me. But I doubt that I would be the famous Chanel without the help of men...”

Tweed through the eyes of Chanel

The idea of making-up women’s clothes of rough woollen fabrics came to Coco not by accident. It is a tribute to the memory of one of the first Coco’s boyfriends Arthur Capel nicknamed Boy. He interested Gabrielle in the English style, so women’s jersey costume appeared. Before that men’s clothes only were made of this fabric!

Another boyfriend, the Duke of Westminster, often wore a tweed suit. Looking at this Gabrielle thought “Why not to dress woman in tweed?” Despite the fact that up to then tweed as well as jersey was considered to be a material for men’s suits only, Gabrielle ventured upon an experiment. And she didn’t miscalculate. For more than a half of the century tweed costume Chanel remains one of the visit cards of the brand on equal terms with perfume Chanel №5.

Tweed jacket Chanel was instantly liked by millions of women. Simple, laconic, short model without collar and lapels became a sensation of the 50s. In contrast to hard and severe costume materials soft tweed didn’t hamper, fitted the figure prettily and emphasized its advantages. A comfortable straight skirt a little bit longer than knee-length was in combination with jacket. Famous beauties of the 50s such as Romy Schneider felt honoured to order Mademoiselle tweed costume and posed with her on photographs willingly.

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