Buttons on the sleeves of jacket

Modern tweed jackets, as their old predecessors, are decorated with sleeve buttons. Colour and size of these elements are fixed with the design of an item. Mostly, no more than four buttons are used for making-up tweed jackets.

There are different hypotheses about the appearance of this element of the item. It is known, for example, that clothes with overhung metallic sleeve buttons were established by Napoleon Bonaparte to make soldiers use handkerchiefs and not to wipe noses with a sleeve as commoners.

There is also another version: tweed jackets were worn with buttons on sleeves, in order to wash hands without taking off outer garments. It was extremely important for doctors, who often needed to give first aid urgently. Maybe this is the reason why sleeves with unfastening buttons were called “surgical” for a long time.

Design buttons on sleeves

Gradually buttons as fashion item lost functional use and became a design element. Little buttons, which had the same tone and shape as on the central part of clothes, appeared on formal jackets. You can also learn more about other elements of tweed jacket.

Today contrasting colour combinations are used mostly on holiday clothes. For example, white buttons, sewed tightly to each other or at 1 – 1.5 cm apart, can be seen on blue blazer.

The more expensive tweed jackets are, the more high-quality and original elements are used by the designers. If a jacket is sewed with original designer pattern, its buttons can be made specifically for it. Some men, for whom showiness and attention of the public are important, decorate tweed suit with buttons with family monograms or original pattern.

Ready-made jackets come on the market mostly with designer elements, but expensive models have usually “working” buttons, so they can be unfastened.

Unfastened button on a sleeve

Why do some men keep an unfastened button on a sleeve? There is no such a rule in the modern etiquette, but it doesn’t conflict with the accepted standards of conduct during the banquets and informal meetings. Owner of the expensive suit (usually hand-tailored by a famous couturier) wants, most likely, to emphasize his financial capacity and high profile or to demonstrate exclusive cuff links.

We will tell You also about other rules of wearing a jacket.

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