How did elbow pad jackets appear?

Tweed jackets appeared in the end of the 19th century. They were intended for activities, such as hunting. As the legend says, tweed jacket was used at first in the estate of the Duke of Norfolk. Owing to this the second name of the item appeared.

Those days the Norfolk jacket was made of tweed and supplemented with three or four buttons and a belt. It was also characterized with folds for ease of movement and big pockets, where cartridges and provisions were put. As hunters wore guns on shoulder the fabric here and also on the elbows was worn through quickly. To avoid it, the area near the elbows and a piece of shoulder were protected with special patches of thicker fabric.

In the 1920 tweed jacket was deprived of belt and folds what made it looser. Now it was worn not only for hunting but also for any type of leisure or even as alternative to the formal suit. It was considered sport clothes.

Today tweed jacket is an excellent decision for leisure and work. Classical appearance is a single-breasted model with patch pockets, elbow pads and peculiar collar. When tweed jackets began to be used in the office, elbow pads helped also to prevent wiping of elbows because of constant contact with table.

Tweed jackets: fashion tendencies

Tweed jacket with elbow pads is an excellent choice for those who appreciate exquisiteness and originality in clothes.

When earlier elbow pads had functionality and protected the jacket’s fabric from wiping, today they are a stylish supplement. A man who wears tweed jacket with elbow pads looks elegant and attractive.

This type of model looks beautiful both with classical items and with casual clothes. It can be worn with shirt or pullover, with any trousers, jeans and shoes. Elbow pads make the image more interesting and completed.

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