Yorkshire tweed

The factory Abraham Moon & Sons in Yorkshire is considered to be a place of origin of Yorkshire tweed. Tweed fabric is produced during more than 175 years in an ancient Victorian building of time-darkened red brick. This is one of the oldest factories of Yorkshire, the biggest county, which is situated on the north of the country. At the present time the factory Abraham Moon & Sons is a leading supplier of tweed for many fashion houses of global renown.

The factory Abraham Moon & Sons in Yorkshire

Owing to its high-quality, Yorkshire tweed survived in the difficult for British weaving industry 1970s, when a lot of regional factories was closed. However, Abraham Moon production did not reduce release of goods and, moreover, could keep its historical building during this period.

Why is Yorkshire tweed special?

Experienced craftsmen control all the production process of Yorkshire tweed carefully. Every day huge bales of first-class wool are dyed in different tints, and then the tints are kneaded. A craftsman takes wool of different colours and creates a unique colour scale. Then, the wool is sent to the next workshop, where the fabric is combed out, threads are spun, and, finally, weaver’s loom is started.

The factory Rowan Tweed

Another famous producer of Yorkshire tweed is the factory Rowan Tweed. The softest and most beautiful yarn in neighbourhoods of Yorkshire is produced here.

Inimitable, vivid and natural combinations of tints make this fabric unbelievably popular for making-up jackets and cardigans. With the clothes of Yorkshire tweed you will never have a question, what to combine with it. Watch carefully, almost always threads of different tints (brown, green, red...) are intertwined in tweed fabric from Yorkshire. It means, that almost any item of your wardrobe, shirt or trousers, whatever colour they are, will not upset the whole combination. You will always look as if you had chosen every detail of your clothing carefully.

Yorkshire tweed from the factory Rowan is traditionally used for producing of different winter clothes; in the first place, it is warm and comfortable pullovers, jackets, coats, head wears and other winter accessories.

Bright and clear tints and typical of Yorkshire tweed even pearly lustre attract many tweed enthusiasts. Comparatively light weight, excellent thermal characteristics and pleasant texture of this 100% woollen fabric fit ideally for wearing in the cold season.

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