Tweed Run

Tweed Run took place in London a few years ago, in the 2009, for the first time. It is said, that founder of this unusual arrangement is a Londoner named Ted. Ted’s interest in traditional English style appeared after purchase of tweed trousers and woollen knee socks. The young man decided to reconstruct the atmosphere of the capital of Great Britain of the end of the 19th century and organized a thematic bike parade with retro bikes.

True British style

Participants of the Run look as true English gentlemen. Their wardrobe consists of elegant tweed suits, woollen pullovers and suede gloves. Such elements as traditional head wear (tweed kepi or hat), cane umbrella and, for example, leather laced shoes will complete image of typical English gentleman on Tweed Run well. Ladies were also interested in the arrangement. Their image includes tweed skirts below the knee, elegant waistcoats and classical hats. Ladies take part in the Run on woman’s retro bikes, which have, for example, basket instead of carrier. Small accessories in suit (pipes, pocket watch, faceplates) look very harmoniously. A bike can be decorated with leather bag or, for instance, classical lamp.

The founder of the Tweed Run emphasized, that the point of the arrangement is to demonstrate, that it is possible, to put on elegant clothes and at the same time to ride a bike. Tweed Run gives a chance to approve oneself and to go back to the roots of the British traditions. Many people liked this idea, and, for several years running, Tweed Run gathers thousands of associates all over the world.

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