Tweed in cinema

Such texture as tweed couldn’t be put aside by cinematography. Apart from its beautiful outside tweed can narrate a story of a character with its exterior only.

Pride and prejudice

Costume directors of the famous film version of the “Pride and prejudice” 1995 (that one which is with Colin Firth) were extremely scrupulous about making clothes for their characters.

For the enigmatic Mr Darcy dark woollen frocks were chosen: dark green, grey, dark blue. Besides, Colin Firth took part in building-up of his character’s wardrobe.

An extensive wardrobe was created for Mr Bingley. It consisted of tweed suits in warm earthy colours.

Carefully investigating suit’s history and customs of that time and also temper of each character, costumers selected for every actor an image, which helped to get into a role. Dressing into a right suit it’s easier to feel like a real aristocrat of the 19th century.

Doctor Who

Triumph of the tweed jacket is shown in extremely popular British TV series “Doctor Who”, to be more accurate, by the eleventh Doctor (the eleventh incarnation of the main character of the series) played by Matt Smith.

The eleventh Doctor wears tweed jacket, trousers with braces and bowtie, and looks very stylish. Remarkable is that, originally, a different suit was made for this character and it was in Jack Sparrow’s style. But the actor preferred the tweed variant.

The King’s Speech

This Oscar-winning film is a real ode to the men’s fashion of that time. The minute details are worked out in this film, for example, the difference between an extensive wardrobe of Colin Firth’s character and quite limited clothing items of the character of Geoffrey Rush. Of course, the prince and a simple logopaedist have very different opportunities.

But the tweed suits of Lionel Logue are as good as aristocratic attires of the Duke of York, who became later George VI! They are even considered to be more interesting and individual. Combination of tweed suit with brown bowtie looks stylish and extravagant.

Gosford Park

A classical story which unfolds in the film “Gosford Park” is presented to viewers with taste and style. Costume director Jenny Beavan, who was occupied at the film shoots, got BAFTA for this film and was nominated for Oscar. Aesthetes mark special attention of the designer to casual wears of the characters.

Actually, all men and women in the film wear different variations of one and the same tweed suit in various colourings and patterns. Guests and hosts have their breakfast, walk and hunt in very elegant attires.

Upper East Side and Indiana Jones

With the help of tweed filmmakers create absolutely different images. For example, tweed jacket is worn by adventurer Indiana Jones! Of course, in that rare instances, when he puts his lasso aside and transforms into Dr. Henry.

Characters of the popular youth series “Gossip girl” are quite different. The young inhabitants of Upper East Side are living personification of fashion, style and success. They prefer Preppy style: tweed cardigans, jackets, suits, even tweed school uniform! The actors liked tweed so much that many of them began to wear it in their everyday life. Just think of that, how flexible tweed is!

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