Tweed and myth №1 — tweed makes look fat

This traditional English fabric is popular all over the world. Coco Chanel became “godmother” of tweed items for women not in vain: up to now all designers and stylists envy her remarkable taste.

Fashion designers combine tweed with different materials: with leather, fur, lace, silk and beads. Tweed creates an atmosphere of classic and severe elegant femininity.

Why then has tweed clothes not become a mass product? The reason is that there is a stereotype from the middle of the 20th century: “tweed is awfully heavy and rough, it makes look fat!” In the days of Coco Chanel this reproach was not unreasonable. Lineal meter of true English tweed could weigh up to 500 grams. Old tweed looks very hard and inelastic visually. For such a jacket silk lining was necessary, otherwise hard fabric caused discomfort. Tweed items had mainly square outline what made figure more massive visually.

Modern tweed — twice as thin

However, it is no longer a problem! Modern tweed is at least twice as thin and light as similar fabrics of the 1920s – 1960s. It means that women’s tweed jacket won’t look as Joan of Arc’s armour.

What is the secret of new tweed? Modern technologies of embossing and textile processing have developed so that real masterpieces can be made of tweed. Modern tweed became more elastic and buttery and, therefore, more comfortable to wear. Modern tweed fabric is a true work of art: all the best characteristics of classical fabric in combination with modern technologies.

Owing to fine embossing modern tweed fits perfectly. There are no more any limitations in design. If necessary, tweed clothes will fit as second skin.

Tweed costume for fair ladies

However, classical thick tweed is still produced for skinnies. Owing to its structure classical tweed gives the impression of relief perfectly, what adds you at least a couple of centimetres. Tweed emphasizes even mild forms of your silhouette. For example, tweed trousers can cover too spare “boyish” hips and make them more tempting. Therefore tweed costume made of thick fabric suits ideal for women who suffer from a lack of corpulence.

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