Tweed clothes — what does one wear with it?

Tweed clothes become more and more fashionable. British traditions, aristocratic appearance, clothes in retro style... These tendencies form a special stream in city fashion, and tweed is there extremely appropriate.

Tweed clothes are worn by young ladies and men, fashion-mongers of all ages. Tweed is multipurpose; it can help to create any image. Tweed will complete various styles, add spice and give charm.


If you wish to be like an English aristocrat or, for example, are going to visit bike ride Tweed Run, it is worth to pay attention to classical tweed suit. An outfit consisted of jacket, waistcoat and trousers or breeches in retro style will suit for men.

Women can also dress into tweed jackets or waistcoats and skirts, high waisted trousers, breeches or classical shorts. The image will be completed with classical English shoes, shirts, tough socks, ties, bowties and braces.

Modern city classic

It is that what can be seen on interesting street style pictures in the Internet. Tweed jacket is completed with chinos, corduroys, cigarette jeans or even Bermudas. One can also experiment with shoes and accessories, choose bright colours and original prints, what will enliven your image.

The main rule of this style is to know when to stop. It is very easy to go too far and to turn from a very stylish person into a clown. Before taking a risk it would be better to learn every detail and practise in creating of images.

Challenging image

Rock'n'roll and tweed? Why not! Short-cut tweed jackets look amazing with rough thick-soled biker’s boots and wide width boots. Put on a loose T-shirt with rocker print, drainpipe jeans — and you are ready for any party.

And if you want to create a gentler image, pay attention to flowy skirts, ballet skirts, short dresses with frillings and flowy fabrics. In combination with tweed it will also help to create an unforgettable image.

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