Tweed is stylish, warm and beautiful

Homeland of classical tweed fabric produced from sheep wool is justly considered to be Scotland with its cold and windy climate. That is why hard and heavy tweed was originally meant to protect from cold, wind and drizzle and, besides, was considered to be only a men’s hard-wearing fabric. It’s worthy of note that world-famous Scotch kilts are also produced from this material.

In course of time tweed ceased to be a fabric only for men and gained popularity with the fair sex, for whom this hard-wearing and warm material was necessary.

From the 20s of the last century and up to now tweed clothes stay on the catwalks of the world and their popularity keeps growing. The tweed clothes are preferred by many celebrities. However, stock of tweed items hasn’t changed during this period of time. As before, it is used mainly for production of jackets, suits, waistcoats and coats, skirts and trousers, shorts. Tweed shorts are always in trend as well as tweed headwears (hats and caps), bags and shoes. Tweed combines with leather, fur, knitted fabric, laces and beads perfectly, its composition is often complemented with lurex. It makes clothes more multi-purpose, comfortable and hard-wearing.

Two-in-one: both stylish and warm

It will take some time before we list all advantages which tweed clothes have, so we settle on two main of them: utility and stylishness.

As it was said, tweed was originally meant for bad weather conditions, that is why it, like no other material, gives a feeling of comfort and warmth in cold, gusty or rainy weather and protects from chill if you stay outside for a long time.

Besides, tweed clothes are utterly modern. Tweed has a lot of varieties and combines with many materials perfectly, so it can be used to create a model of any style and design. Pertinent suit with tweed elements will help to create almost any image for office or sport activities, it can be used as formal wear. At the same time no one can blame you of tastelessness, and you will feel extraordinarily comfortable.

Thus, it should be remembered that tweed clothes are:

  • very warm in every kind of weather;

  • uncommonly practical, comfortable and cosy;

  • hard-wearing and multi-purpose;

  • incredibly stylish, fashion and modern.

This item is part and parcel of any wardrobe, with its help you can be individual and create your own style. If it’s given the correct care, it will serve for a very long time and won’t lose its original qualities and, of course, its beautiful outside.

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