Elegant bicycles for modern gentlemen

If it’s seems to you that gentlemen live only in London, what is more, in London of the 19th century, a pleasant news waits for you. Today there are also gentlemen and they can live anywhere.

And if character and behavior of a gentleman are known, it’s worth to tell about his appearance. Those who yearn to bring to life an image of a “London dandy” should pay attention to tweed suits, classical shoes and accessories. Besides, for many seasons running part and parcel of the image is… elegant city-bicycle.

Bicycle for dandy

Standard modern bicycles with their sport outside and dozens of speeds aren’t appropriate for creating of a needed image. If you are going, for example, to tweed bike ride, such a bicycle will be impertinent in the karma.

Gentlemen of the 21st century should pay attention to so called city-bikes. They’re bicycles which are styled on retro or have simple and exquisite outside. One of the spectacular examples is fixed-gear bicycle, a new trend among the lovers to crisscross the city. It’s a special culture, element of sport excitement and unique design. If seeing a fixed-gear bicycle once, you can’t resist and, without doubt, will like riding them over and over again!

Image of a gentleman

Fixed-gear bicycles are presented in different colours. You can create your own inimitable image. It’s necessary to think about clothes for riding. They can be comfortable and elegant at one time because you need to correspond with an image of dandy.

Tweed trousers or breeches, or familiar jeans supplemented with tweed waistcoat or jacket will pass perfectly. Give zest by means of tweed kepi, and dandy image is ready.

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