Tweed fabric and its producers

Tweed fabric and its producers

The tweed fabric is considered to be a part of rich cultural heritage of Great Britain by right. The tweed fabric derives from Scotland. In the middle of the 19th century a merchant from London got a letter from a Scotch textileman with a detailed description about advantages of this fabric. It was said about tweels fabric but the merchant understood this word incorrectly and read it as tweed. The fabric was advertised as tweed, and this word came into common use.

The tweed fabric is made of sheep wool. It is quite close hard texture with genuinely British character. Its shag and warm “country” colours, incredible strength and outstanding thermal characteristics are associated with comfort of English suburbs. This fabric warms perfectly in a chilly day.

Types of the tweed fabric

There is a plenty of types of the tweed fabric. The woollen fabrics Yorkshire, Scottish, Saxony and Cheviot had gained popularity in the Victorian Era and since then they remain the most suitable fabrics for chilly British climate. High-quality tweed is a coarse hard fabric which protects from sharp wind and cold rain perfectly.

Tweed fabrics look different:

Cheviot tweed is dyed uniform in one colour. Generally, Cheviot tweed is in dark-green colour. British squires liked to wear coats and jackets made of Cheviot for their outings.

Irish tweed has white warp and dark weft. It is a dignified classical fabric suitable for different items of clothing.

Shepherds tweed is a close checked texture. Shepherds is a popular kind of tweed, its texture reminds of Scottish tartan.

Donegal tweed is spun from uneven yarn. It is a coarse-grained speckled fabric. Donegal is characterised with polka dots (black-and-white dot) but it also can have colourful dots. This fabric suits for sports clothes perfectly.

The famous classical pattern Houndstooth looks very elegant. Houndstooth tweed is used for making up coats, jackets, dresses. Hats and other accessories are made of it. This tweed is an example of style. 

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