Interesting about tweed

Where is tweed popular?

It is known, that tweed was born in Scotland, and the United Kingdom is its homeland. Tweed is beloved and honoured there. And what about the rest of the world?

What does the price of tweed depend on?

Tweed is a gorgeous material, which is used for making-up men’s and women’s coats, trousers, jackets, various accessories and other items. Besides, tweed is used for interior decoration and creation of elegant design in your house.

Tweed Run — choose your bike

You should prepare for tweed run in advance and think about it creatively. Tweed Run is an excellent chance to turn into a refined English lady or a perfect in every respect gentleman. It’s also a chance to find an interesting company or to join a unique community.

Tweed Run

Tweed Run took place in London a few years ago, in the 2009, for the first time. It is said, that founder of this unusual arrangement is a Londoner named Ted. Ted’s interest in traditional English style appeared after purchase of tweed trousers and woollen knee socks.

Tweed items

Tweed is originally Scotch material, whose history goes back some centuries. Unique qualities and advantages allow using this fabric for producing different items. What is made-up of tweed?

Tweed for interior: elegant comfort

When we speak about tweed, we mean famous men’s jackets, coats, hunting kepis and jackets, women’s costumes Coco Chanel and the tweed bike ride Tweed Run. But the high-quality Scotch fabric is used also for interior decoration: tweed create an atmosphere of comfortable elegance at home.

Tweed and retro

Tweed is a national treasure of Great Britain, it is general feeling of all famous couturieres and designers, even of the whimsical Italians, who think that they are inimitable in all matters of fashion.

Peculiarities of the national tweed

Great Britain is a homeland of tweed, therefore it is widespread there from the earliest times. Tweed travelled a long way from clothes for countryside in cold weather till the King of the catwalks at the fashion shows.

Literary tweed

Tweed is worn not only by acknowledged master of deduction Sherlock Holmes. But for his famous kepi, there is a great amount of characters in literature, who wear this beautiful, warm and comfortable fabric.

It’s warm and cosy with tweed plaid

A thick woollen fabric with Scotch origin began its travel in the world of fashion in the middle of the 19th century. Tweed grew in popularity not for a long time and took a seat in the fashion industry as one of the warmest and most practical materials in a moment.

Hunting with tweed

The name “tweed” is well-known among people who are familiar with fabrics and know the quality of material perfectly. It’s the case when a trade mark became a common name. Tweed gained popularity a long time ago, and its authority increases through years and generations.

Brooklyn tweed — knitted tweed from America

Every success has its own history and every history has its beginning. The history of knitted tweed began about 10 years ago in the 2005 when a prospective founder of the company Brooklyn Tweed moved to New York.

Blythswood Square Glasgow — a hotel in tweed style

When we speak about tweed, we mean famous men’s jackets, coats, hunting kepis and jackets, women’s costumes Coco Chanel and the tweed bike ride Tweed Run. But these are only first associations, which are not full enough.