10 reasons to like Harris Tweed

  1. Quality. Harris Tweed Act of the 1993 confirms that every Harris Tweed meter corresponds to the hard standards. If you see the traditional Harris Tweed logotype (Orb Mark), you can be sure, that fabric was produced on the islands Outer Hebrides.

  2. History. Harris Tweed material is produced more than a century with skill and care in Scotland by craftsmen, who work in their own homes. In the beginning of the 20th century tweed was accepted by nobles and became a choice of the most demanding clients.

  3. Genuineness. According to law, Harris Tweed must be produced on the islands Outer Hebrides only and nowhere else. Every inch of wool is spun and dyed on the islands, and every meter is made by experienced weavers, who convey knowledge from generation to generation proudly.

  4. Naturalness. Harris Tweed production does not influence the environment, what proves, that tweed is an excellent choice in the 21st century.

  5. Origin. Harris Tweed is made of 100% wool and goes through all the stages of the production process on the islands Outer Hebrides only.

  6. Practicality. Harris Tweed is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is waterproof and can be cleaned and mended easily with simple tools.

  7. Durability. Maybe, you will pay for Harris Tweed more than for some other tweed, but it will be compensated with durability. Moreover, Harris Tweed becomes better through the years while wearing it.

  8. Handwork. Harris Tweed fabric is produced by hand only without using any machines. Weaving is learnt months and is improved over the years.

  9. Beauty. Before yarn is made, the thinnest wool fibres are dyed separately. As a result, every thread differs from neighbour in tone a little, what makes a wonderful colour pattern.

  10. Style. The most famous designers of the world, fashion houses and tailors use Harris Tweed actively and include tweed products in their collections every year. So they demonstrate their interest. Besides, Harris Tweed is used in interior trim, also of the 5-star hotels.

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