Blythswood Square Glasgow — a hotel in tweed style

When we speak about tweed, we mean famous men’s jackets, coats, hunting kepis and jackets, women’s costumes Coco Chanel and the tweed bike ride Tweed Run. But these are only first associations, which are not full enough. If we go deep into this subject, we will find out that the good fabric tweed from Scotland is also widely used for interior decoration. Tweed can create a special atmosphere of comfort and luxurious elegance at home.

Interior decoration with the help of tweed fabrics Harris Tweed is widely used in hotels. Travelling around the world one can pay attention to the fact that hotels of premium class surely have rooms, where interior is decorated with tweed. And these magnificent rooms are in demand. They meet their visitors at once. An excellent example of using the fabric Harris Tweed is the hotel Blythswood Square. The hotel is an embodiment of an ideal choice, where one can enjoy an unforgettable journey to Glasgow.

The hotel is original because its spacious and comfortable rooms decorated with tweed wait for visitors. Gorgeous ornamentation of the hotel appeared in the beginning of its existence, when its owners wanted to decorate their creation and thought about finishing of the rooms. Fabrics for finishing had to be durable, reliable and beautiful. For this purpose tweed was opted. Now tweed in the hotel is in upholstery and in lampshades. Cosy beds done with tweed coverlets create a nice atmosphere and dispose to calm repose. And admirers of cinema films can enjoy watching favourite movies in cinema, where seats are upholstered with tweed fabrics.

While decorating interior of hotels with tweed fabrics apart from beautiful appearance of the fabric following important qualities are considered: excellent combination of tweed with different materials and textures; high thickness of tweed fabrics; a wide choice of variants of original patterns and unique colour grade of trimmings. When we choose tweed for interior decoration, we understand that tweed will serve for a long time because it is a very thick fabric. Tweed fabrics are simple and easy to care for. Draperies take a special place in the interior of hotels’ rooms. And draperies made of tweed fabrics are a luxury, which is not only looks gorgeous but also can protect a room from draught and give you a feeling of isolation from the whole world. Tweed draperies combine with satin and velvet perfectly. Therefore there is a room for designer experiments. Thickness of tweed is a quality which is highly appreciated in upholstering of sofas, chairs and armchairs. Wear capability of such furniture is really amazing.

In the hotels of Scotland tweed is used as carpets. It gives warmth, is practical and looks magnificent. And, of course, with the help of tweed hotels’ designers finish walls. It is not necessary to decorate the entire room with tweed but to cover a part of a wall with such noble materials as tweed fabrics is quite possible. Combination of tweed walls with furniture made of woods of warm colour can create a unique enchanting atmosphere...

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