Tweed items

Tweed is originally Scotch material, whose history goes back some centuries. Unique qualities and advantages allow using this fabric for producing different items.

What is made-up of tweed?

Today, as many years ago, the following items are made of tweed:

  • Women’s dresses. Bodacious Lady Gaga has recently appeared at high party in smart tweed dress , which had quite big broken twill. It was another proof that tweed is in demand now.
  • Skirts. Formal skirts for businesswomen and unusual items characterized with eccentric designer solutions and such supplements as plumage, laces and rhinestones are both popular today.
  • Costumes. Diagonal interweaving of fabric gives formal tweed costumes special charm. Besides, extraordinary lightness and elasticity of the material do not hinder movements, and the fabric is breathable.

  • Coat. Coat is much older than tweed, but it became so popular with the appearance of the fabric.

  • Jacket. It is a permanent attribute of true gentlemen both in the past and now. Tweed jacket is an example of an excellent tasty.
  • Waistcoat. There is no any common opinion about the appearance of the term up to now, nevertheless, tweed waistcoats are extremely popular and give their owners feeling of true spirit of good old England.
  • Trousers. Trousers appeared in the 11th century, what is confirmed with a great amount of historical findings. There are many fabrics, which are basic material for making-up trousers, but tweed is the warmest and the most comfortable, light, elastic and advantageous.
  • Head wears. To this group belong both usual classical kepis and hats and a lot of interesting designer solutions in this area.
  • Bags. Tweed bags were always unrivalled. They are a wonderful supplement to storm coats and tweed cardigans.

Tweed as material for interior decoration

Eventually tweed became a material which is used not only for making-up clothes but also for decoration. Most of all it is used for making:

  • Curtains. Beautiful pattern of the material and its special qualities make tweed curtains to a second-to-none item.
  • Covers for armchairs, sofas and so on. Tweed has a nice to the touch surface, does not rumple easily, is very elastic and, consequently, is ideal as source material for making-up covers.
  • Upholstery. Other ways of using tweed, which are invented by designers, also cannot remain unnoticed. It is stylish bags, bands, belts and other accessories. The material can be used in a plenty of ways, every year a number of new tweed items increases.

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