Tweed Run — choose your bike

You should prepare for tweed run in advance and think about it creatively. Tweed Run is an excellent chance to turn into a refined English lady or a perfect in every respect gentleman. It’s also a chance to find an interesting company or to join a unique community.

To take part in Tweed Run you should do two things:

  • to create a relevant to the subject image – from outfit to hair cut and make-up;

  • to get a suitable bike.

What bike do you need?

The main feature of Tweed Run is a retro style. That’s why it would be highly inappropriate, to go to the Run with a racing or a mountain bike. City cruiser bikes are usually chosen for the Run. These bikes are styled on retro models, which can be ridden without any problems and fears in any clothes.

Unforgettable image

Tweed Run gives a unique chance to express oneself. You can create an unforgettable and elegant image, which makes you a real star at the arrangement! Therefore you should choose a nice outfit, for example, tweed costume with skirt or trousers, fine hat or kepi, bow tie and classical shoes.

An elegant bike will also distinguish you from the crowd: original design and perfect style of the city bike will give your image a lot of advantages. Prepare for a plenty of delighted looks, camera flashes and numerous publications online. Your image can win all hearts.

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