What does the price of tweed depend on?

Tweed is a gorgeous material, which is used for making-up men’s and women’s coats, trousers, jackets, various accessories and other items. Besides, tweed is used for interior decoration and creation of elegant design in your house.

Now tweed is considered to be an elite material. The true tweed is quite expensive but there are also cheap variants of the items. But what is the price of tweed connected with and what should you pay attention to?

The impact of the history

When the tweed production was beginning in Scotland in the 19th century, the fabric wasn’t considered to be elite. Common wool tweed was sold at the price, which almost all working population of Great Britain could afford. The material gained enormous popularity in a moment, mainly because of its practical qualities.

Tweed gave warmth in cold weather, protected the Scotch from moisture, chillness, wind and rain. No wonder that the stunning fabric became famous all over the world and tweed was in demand.

However, the popularity had not only advantages but also disadvantages. In the beginning of the 20th century there were a lot of fakes, which claimed to be the famous Harris Tweed but didn’t have its qualities. After the penetrating the deception a special association was established which controlled and certificated tweed from the Scotch island Harris.

What does the price of the modern tweed depend on?

Price of the modern tweed depends on its composition, quality and producer. Of course, the price of the twill-woven fabric, which consists of synthetic fibres, will be quite low. But don’t think that this fabric will have unique qualities of the true tweed.

Authentic British Harris Tweed is made of wool of special breeds of sheep, it is high-quality wool. The process of making of the true tweed doesn’t change during more than one and half centuries. You can enjoy the second-to-none quality.

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