Tweed and accessories

What can be worn with a tweed tie?

Tweed tie is a quite rare accessory in the wardrobe of a modern man. Majority of men get used to wear silk ties. However, it is worth it, to pay attention to a tweed tie as it has a lot of advantages.

What accessories can be combined with tweed suit?

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Tweed hat. How to wear it?

How to recognize a true lady in a crowd? A good taste is best revealed not in pretentious evening dresses with cascading jewels but in the art of looking perfect even in everyday routine.

Tweed cap: a successful complement to image

Many men cannot imagine a cap as a fashion accessory. The bright and original headwear is considered to be a retiree item or a thing for troubled adolescents on the outskirts.

English elegance: bags to tweed suits

Choosing accessories to an available suit gives a woman a great pleasure. Bags, gloves, scarves and neckerchiefs are the very things that help to create an individual image

Eight-piece cap: a versatile accessory for all

Tweed eight-piece cap is a great accessory that is popular for over hundred of years. This hat can be worn by both men and women. The accessory can complement different styles and personalize your outfit.

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