The stars choose tweed!

Tweed is a traditional English fabric. In classical producing process threads intended for making up tweed are dyed in colours which are similar to colours of peat-moss and turf and then are interwoven in houndstooth pattern. To give tweed suppleness, the fabric is firstly watered in soap solution and then beaten. This process is called waulking. There are special Waulking Songs, which are sung by workers, who is occupied with this difficult process. Items made up of tweed protect their owner from rain and wind perfectly because this is the weather which is in the native country of tweed. Therefore tweed clothes are often chosen by celebrities.

Kings in tweed

For instance, tweed was preferred by world famous English Kings Edward and George V and also Duke of Windsor. There aren’t better clothes than tweed for hunting, horseracing and walking in autumn parks strewed with leaves. And elegant kepi completed the exquisite image. In other European countries it took some time before tweed became popular because their climate is warmer and milder than that in England and they didn’t need such protection from cold and rain.

Tweed and France

The first French who appreciated tweed was famous Coco Chanel. It was she who created design of women’s tweed costume without collar in 1954. At first, the Coco’s idea caused bewilderment of the famous fashion designers and journalists but soon they changed their mind. The model of jerkin invented by Coco was popular with the most famed and beautiful fashionmongers. Tweed costumes were worn during important banquets by Jacqueline Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Romy Schneider liked tweed dresses.

However, the French have changed the fabric a little bit and made it softer and not so hard (this tweed is called today continental).

Celebrities and tweed today

Stars still love tweed these days. Designers of the well-known brand Balenciaga use tweed for creating of exclusive models. They invented a costume with voluminous loose skirt and oval jacket, and the fashion designer Ralph Lauren became one of the sponsors of the fabulous retro show Tweed Run, which took place in many countries of the world. Magnificent Alexander McQueen went to Scotland to find inspiration and, after he had admired kilts made up of checked tweed in the romantic country, created his own jacket with fur trimming and also short overcoat with patch pockets and very wide lapels.

In 2012 Lady Gaga made a public appearance dressed in tweed with pattern houndstooth from top to toe: shoes, dress, bag and even glasses of the girl repeated the pattern of the tweed fabric. Do you wish to be at the height of fashion? Follow the example of Lady Gaga and try on tweed items with pattern houndstooth. They will make you stylish and peculiar. However, it’s important not to overegg the pudding: only one item with the bright print is allowed.

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