Tweed dresses: create stylish image

In the wardrobe of every businesswoman should be dress made of Scotch tweed. Functionality and elegance never go out of fashion.

A present from mademoiselle Coco

History of women’s emancipation began from the famous Gabrielle Chanel’s English costume, when fashion faced worked woman for the first time. Suffocative corsets and scooping silk of multilayer skirts were replaced with functional formal clothes: crossed tweed waistcoat and tight pencil skirt, and then severe tweed dresses which are feminine at the same time.

As a matter of fact, all the business fashion came from the mademoiselle Coco’s little black woollen dress, which has taught women to look in different manner every day, experimenting with headscarves, kerchiefs, scarves, gloves and other accessories. By the way, in more recent time tweed pinafores began to gain popularity. They can be combined with blouses in different colours.

Total must-have for all seasons is a sheath dress, glorified by a brilliant example of Jacqueline Kennedy. Saucily hiding under waistcoat in everyday life, it will replace the little black dress successfully and, when necessary, can serve as a cocktail dress or an evening dress.

Secrets of harmonious image

A big variety of cuts and colourings help a businesswoman to present herself and her business in the most favourable light. Tweed dress of good quality represents success, balanced life stance and traditionalism. However, it should be mentioned, that tweed is a choice of aristocrats, and a true lady can’t be ridiculous. Exotic fashion novelties with asymmetric necklines, big appliqués and multi-coloured leather insets are pertinent at a party and not at the office of a reputable company.

Obviously, that cut of dress should disguise figure flaws gracefully and focus on its benefits. It should be noted that all texture fabrics including tweed have a piquant singularity: the harder material is, the more chiselled forms are. Hard tweed dresses suit to skinny women: the fabric helps them to get rid of angularity of youth and gives silhouette feminine plumpness.

Only a very slim woman can afford fashionable A-shaped dresses with a little bit high waistline: tweed dresses with classical pattern houndstooth look magnificent. For an office party one can try on more exotic version of this design: tweed dress with a wide belt a bit over waistline with some widening on hips and smoothly tapering downwards.

Stout women should prefer thin fabrics and pay special attention to cuts of dresses. Lengthway lines, necklines and long neck hole lengthen figure visually and disguise corpulence. Effective drapery helps to hide overhung belly, and fashionable in this season slim fit draws attention away from plump hips. To reduce visually big shoulders, refuse of V-shaped neck hole and volume sleeves.

In conclusion, we reveal a little secret of design which suits to all body types. Pay attention to loose sack dress which reminds of classical tweed jacket of English hunter. The secret is, that this unusual tweed dress, which has recently been presented on the catwalks pret-a-porter, takes the form of figure.

Women’s tweed items are presented in our online- boutique. If you haven’t found the item you looked for, please, call us! Our advisers help you to find a suitable variant.

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