Hunting with tweed

The name “tweed” is well-known among people who are familiar with fabrics and know the quality of material perfectly. It’s the case when a trade mark became a common name. Tweed gained popularity a long time ago, and its authority increases through years and generations. Why is tweed so good and why do many people love it?

Firstly, we should clarify, what is tweed. Let’s turn to history. Tweed was originally called tweel. Tweed was a homespun woollen ribbed fabric. The fabric was produced on the islands near Scotland. Tweed producing was a common business for local population. Because of bad weather conditions in Scotland tweed clothes was necessary.

But we know that tweed is an item of English wardrobe. What is the connection between tweed from Scotland and modern England? It’s quite simple. According to history Catherine Herbert inherited an estate after death of her husband Earl of Dunmore. The estate was situated in one of the Shetland Islands, Harris (hence the name Harris Tweed). After her husband’s death she became to order fabric from local weavers for making-up clothes for her hunters. Later she noticed that tweed clothes look well on them and decided that the fabric would be appropriate also for her wardrobe. She became to order tweed clothes for horseback riding and for hunting. The clothes protected from wind and rain perfectly. When she understood that tweed production was successful, Catherine Herbert decided to establish producing of woollen fabric in industrial-scale volumes, in other words to set up her own business. The British aristocracy, which loved to spend much time outdoors, appreciated tweed products. Since then there were more and more craftsmen who mastered weaver’s looms. Owing to relations between Catherine Herbert and Queen Victoria mass tweed production began. In the beginning of the 20th century tweed was loved almost by everyone. Tweed clothes are worn by young people, businessmen and professors.

As mentioned, tweed was originally called tweel. And the name “tweed” appeared accidentally: a merchant from England didn’t understand handwriting of the person who delivered him the material. Harris Tweed is popular because it’s durable, warm and at the same time light material. It has also a special quality: one can look in it both relaxed and strict, in other words tweed is multi-purpose material. Not any fabric has such a quality.

Tweed fabric is very practical: it protects from cold and dampness perfectly. Because of these qualities tweed is loved by hunters. Elegant hunting tweed clothes can be seen in different European companies. Autumn and winter collections of tweed clothes are presented with stylish women’s and men’s jackets, trousers, caps, waistcoats.

But tweed fashion was not always so as it is at the present days. Owing to such companies as Barbour and Lavenham admirers of hunting can enlarge their wardrobes with elegant tweed items.

All the range of hunting clothes can be found in Musto. Clothes presented here look so nice and expensive that it’s pity to wear it to hunting. And only real connoisseurs of tweed understand that these clothes are not only beautiful but also necessary for that purpose. Many companies specialize in popular with hunters brand. That’s why tweed can be bought in such places as Musto, Durbarry, Best in the Country, Orvis, Country Catalog, Alan Paine.

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