Tweed and classical shoes

Classical tweed suit will help you to make a positive impression in any circumstances. English manufacturing quality speaks for itself: even inexperienced person can appreciate excellent cut and material. However, noble high quality fabric of suit needs suitable accessories.

If you wear tweed suit (or tweed coat), choose matched with it in style and quality shoes. Remember that cheap and bad-quality item in combination with gorgeous brand product can spoil the entire image. Cheap plastic clock or bad-quality shoes will stand out against your favourite tweed jacket.

Not to break your carefully designed image, try to wear with English tweed boots of famous English brands. For example, Loake or Grenson shoes, whose line can satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. These are beautiful high quality English boots, they are made by hand in keeping with an old technology by taking into account modern production tendencies.

How to choose shoes for tweed suit correctly?

Usually tweed suit is intended for chilly autumn and winter therefore it is not recommended to combine tweed with summer shoes in light shades. Even in heated office space.

It is also not recommended to wear tweed with moccasins and loafers because these models should be worn on bare feet (or with very short socks which can’t be seen over edges of a shoe). It is also advisable to avoid sport shoes.

In all other respects tweed suit can be combined almost with all classical shoes.

If you are going to wear tweed suit in the open air (according to advice of leading stylists), you should pay attention to durable shoes with thick sole, which are worn by English gentlemen when they go for a walk. There is no need to be afraid of mud and puddles in them.

If you decided to try on “Golf” style at the weekends, as if you have recently put aside a brassy after a couple of rounds with other gentlemen, try to combine tweed suit with brogues. These shoes are easy to recognise because of perforation and wingtips with a kind of W design at the toe. This type of shoes was worn by English shepherds some centuries ago to assure comfort and ventilation for feet.

Women should also keep simple rules when wearing tweed costume or cardigan. This attire will look well with classical middle-heeled shoes made of genuine leather.

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