Tweed: trend of winter season

Tweed fabric is well-known to everybody. It is associated with business men wearing elegant tweed suits or business ladies in pencil skirts. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this fabric is rightfully considered to be ideal for making-up classical models for office, tweed items combine perfectly with clothes of other fabrics, and with right choice of accessories tweed items can give an inimitable charm to their owner.

Clothes for intellectuals and mashers

Tweed has come into men’s fashion in the middle of the 19th century when enterprising British tailors began to produce tweed trouser suits, jackets and coats. Tweed jacket can emphasize style of its owner and even reverse it. Today this detail of men’s wardrobe is strongly associated with intellectuals and romantics, aristocracy of science and of talent. In combination with classical straight cut trousers this jacket is an excellent choice for business meetings and for office.

A wide variety of tweed tints allows creating a blatantly negligent image of modern metrosexual. Tweed jacket with leather insets on elbows put over cashmere polo-neck in combination with blue jeans can drive mad any girl.

The famous tweed jacket is a really multi-purpose thing. It can turn from a piece of casual clothes into evening clothes: one should just choose trousers and shoes right.

Usually with tweed jackets tight straight cut trousers are chosen: it smoothes some massiveness of a silhouette, which is caused by tweed. For creating a more informal image one should opt for models in beige and brown tones and the boldest men can decide on checked or striped tweed items.

Clothes for any case

It is known that tweed consists of natural wool only. Owing to this it keeps warmth perfectly and is proof against moisture, therefore straight short-cut tweed coat can be an excellent supplement to the image.

Classical tweed jacket is made-up of hard heavy fabric and is intended for wearing outside. During autumn season such clothes can replace a jacket. Besides, designers worked out a plenty of models made of lighter tweed. In these jackets one won’t hot neither in office nor in restaurant.

Women’s fashion and tweed

These tendencies affected also women. Tweed jacket brought into fashion by famous Chanel is popular up to now. With its help a modern fashion-monger can feel like a real London coquette, and classical tweed jacket in combination with jeans will be a perfect supplement to image in Military Style.

Thanks to its practicality and low-key elegance tweed jacket, which should be in wardrobe of every person, will remain a symbol of a whole fashion epoch and the thing which is liked by business men, intellectuals and free artists forever.

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