Over tweedstof

Tweed yarn

Tweed yarn appeared in Scotland. Hard sheep wool was used for its producing. Classical tweed yarn is a close no-twist yarn which has outstanding thermal characteristics and high durability. This yarn was hard and itchy to the touch.

Tweed fabric and its producers

The tweed fabric is considered to be a part of rich cultural heritage of Great Britain by right. The tweed fabric derives from Scotland. In the middle of the 19th century a merchant from London got a letter from a Scotch textileman with a detailed description about advantages of this fabric.

Tweed and its types

When the majority of the continental Europeans think about tweed, they mean Harris Tweed. This fabric is coarse-textured and wearproof and sometimes can be called the English tweed. This material is manufactured in many intense colours and is very suitable for warm sports jackets to wear in the country.

Stages of tweed production

Harris Tweed begins with the most virgin wool, whose fibres are blended together in order to get advantages of its unique qualities and characteristics. Although most of the wool is made mainly on the Scottish mainland, at the beginning of summer islanders shear the local sheep.