Converse x Harris Tweed

The most popular fashion brand in Facebook is not Nike or H&M, not Adidas or Zara. It is Converse which has more than 37 millions of subscribers.

It’s impossible to imagine Converse without Chuck Taylor All-Star. The history of iconic training shoes begins in 1921, when Chuck Taylor wanted to get flexible and hard-wearing training shoes. Familiar to us design hasn’t been changed since the beginning of the 50th, when rubber toe cap was invented. This model can’t be improved therefore it is produced from one year to the next to please us, customers.

Limited number of the models Harris Tweed Chuck Taylor was produced as a result of collaboration together with Harris Tweed in 2012 in Japan. The whole run was snapped up very quickly. Lucky combination of tweed and classical Converse design caught fancy of many customers.

The model All-Star is an available product. However, it embodies spirit of freedom and creativity. That’s what Harris Tweed likes! We hope that it’s not the last collaboration of two brands because not only the Japanese should have an opportunity to wear these shoes!

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