Tweed and retro

Tweed is a national treasure of Great Britain, it is general feeling of all famous couturieres and designers, even of the whimsical Italians, who think that they are inimitable in all matters of fashion.

Conservatism and traditionalism of the English are striking. British officers put on the clothes, which are attached in the old dress code of the highest aristocratical classes, where all the kinds of outfit for different occasions are foreseen.

Tweed variations in retro style

At the horse races, which take place in England, one can admire tweed suits, which are made-up according to the rules of traditional technologies. True tweed suit is very thick and quite heavy, therefore it keeps warm even in the coldest weather.

For the south Europeans British tweed seems to be rough and baggy, but this quality characterizes true material, which represents a national pride of Misty Albion.

Today arrangements in retro style gained popularity in Europe. Participants of these arrangements put on tweed clothes to parties, hunting, jockey competitions or to bike rides. Women put on thick dresses of a special kind of material, which is called “shepherd check” to tweed parties. It is a rough fabric with relief design most of all in black-and-white or grey-and-brown tones. Dresses with straight silhouette have a thin leather belt. This attire looks spectacular on slim and tall ladies.

To retro arrangements in country style men come in grey, brown or olive-green jackets and white cotton shirt with turn-down collar. Kepi reglan and loose trousers put in massive blucher boots represent a prototype of a Scotch farmer.

Retro boat tours on the Thames

How beautiful boat tours on the Thames are! It is a colourful retro show, which delights all the British. Stiff ladies in checked dresses with tea baskets, gentlemen in thick jackets with wide buttons and in loose trousers, children in three-piece suits (example of classical English suit) take their stands on the deck unhurriedly and go for an outing.

A hoot sounds, men wave with kepis and hats, soft laugh is heard – it was 100 or 200 years ago. These retro arrangements give people a chance to learn better their history, to feel national identity and their implication to the great past time. Tweed is not just a kind of high-quality woollen material, it is a piece of culture, which is worthy of pride.

Since 2009 bike rides Tweed Run take place in many European countries. Participants ride a retro bike slowly and show popular in different time models of tweed clothes, bags, shoes and head wears. This jolly and spectacular event lets viewers get to know history of English suit better and appreciate its inimitable fascination.

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