Tweed for interior: elegant comfort

When we speak about tweed, we mean famous men’s jackets, coats, hunting kepis and jackets, women’s costumes Coco Chanel and the tweed bike ride Tweed Run. But the high-quality Scotch fabric is used also for interior decoration: tweed create an atmosphere of comfortable elegance at home.

Traditions of the aristocrats

In regard to tweed it can be said: fresh and time proved. For some centuries the world adores items of this woollen fabric and since recently tweed is at the height of fashion. Tweed fabric is associated with royal classic, traditions and good old England, tweed decoration looks expensive and elegant, that is the reason to trim a house with it!

Apart from beautiful appearance this soft and warm fabric has other important qualities:

  • tweed combines with other materials and textures perfectly;
  • it is a material of high density;
  • there is a wide choice of variants of inimitable pattern and colour grade of the material;
  • tweed will serve you for a long time, it is a very thick fabric;
  • tweed is a simple material, it does not need any special care.

Tweed curtains, tweed cushions, tweed design

Almost in every atelier tweed curtains can be made-up: they look splendid and, thanks to their thickness, protect a room from draughts and evoke sensation of isolation from outside. Tweed curtains take side tones up and keep warmth in the house. Tweed combines with velvet and satin perfectly, here one can experiment with design as much as one likes. Tweed valances (short horizontal curtains, whose width is equal a ledge and which decorate the upper part of the window) are ideal for long tulle curtains.

Tweed cushions will help to make comfort in cold weather: the warm and soft atmosphere will not let you out! The more cushions you will have, the better it will be: you can make a warm cushion kingdom. And it is not obligatory, to have cushions of classical shape: it would be jollier to get pillow pets, for example, tweed pillows in the shape of a dog. This advice is opportune for the admirers of Provence style in interior, where natural fabrics are an obligatory part.

The durable wearproof tweed is also indispensable for upholstering of chairs, sofas and armchairs.

In good hotels in Scotland and in some mansions tweed is used instead of carpets: it is warm, practical and splendid. Of course, there is no need to make such a hotel at home, but it is possible to cover staircase in a country house with checked tweed, it looks original and very stylish. Besides, designers use tweed for finishing of walls. To finish the entire wall with tweed would be too much, but to decorate a part of a wall with this noble material is quite possible. In combination with furniture made of wood of warm tones tweed will create an inimitable atmosphere.

When it rains or snows outside the window, one can feel fascination of home comfort entirely. A soft armchair, mug with a hot drink, favourite film or interesting book will help you to relax, and the details of tweed interior will make a warm mood and will please with their elegance. When cold is approaching, it is time to dress your home in tweed!

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