Where is tweed popular?

It is known, that tweed was born in Scotland, and the United Kingdom is its homeland. Tweed is beloved and honoured there. And what about the rest of the world?

Protection from cold and reserved magnificence

To look for tweed in hot countries is a lowly craft. Maybe, fashion crazes are also interesting there but tweed is almost senseless for the Southerner because this woollen fabric was invented to keep warmth in raw weather. Nevertheless, there are also light variants of tweed.

The Scotch fabric is especially needed in Europe, in its central and northern parts in particular. There are all the necessary conditions for popularity of this material here: climate with cold, rainy or snowy winters, influence of fashion trends and need to express personal respectability.

Tweed jackets are increasingly worn by the Europeans: for example, in Germany and Switzerland the tradition of wearing tweed is widespread among businessmen — bankers and insurance experts. Popularity of the woollen fabric with representatives of the art professions grows: the creative Europe likes to wear comfortable and natural tweed. It is hard to imagine French and Italian fashionmongers without tweed.

Designers make active use of tweed in their autumn and winter collections: here one can find Chanel, Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier. Couture fashion interweaves with casual style and makes something highly comfortable and cosy and at the same time incredibly beautiful and up-to-date.

Professors and the gilded youth

Tweed is unbelievably popular in America! So popular that after classical cut of tweed jacket the American variant appeared. In contrast to classic, which has three horn buttons, vent at the back and cross cut pockets with flaps, the American variant has two or three buttons, one rear vent and two slits on each side and straight pockets.

The Americans prefer sports cut and wear tweed jackets to informal events. In the meantime tweed jacket is a very important piece of clothing of professors in prestigious educational organizations. Classical for sports jackets pattern “herringbone” in brown, green, grey or dark blue tones is especially popular.

But for professors tweed is beloved by the youth, by followers of preppy style in particular. Wearing tweed young fashionmongers would like to make an impression, to demonstrate their excellent tasty, considerable bank account and belonging to the upper classes.

American designers like tweed so much that they make of it different items: jackets, down coats, ties, bags, evening dresses and even handkerchiefs for chest pocket!

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