British celebrities in tweed

For many British celebrities tweed clothes and accessories are so called must have. It’s not surprising because the famous woollen fabric is considered to be a national pride, a symbol of lifestyle and traditions of the United Kingdom.

God save the Queen!

A sample of blameless style is, without doubt, Her Majesty Elizabeth II. The Queen always knows how she should look and dresses absolutely perfect. Last year Great Britain celebrated the 60th diamond anniversary from the date of coronation of Elizabeth II. During this period of time the Queen has changed four stylists.

The Queen was always extremely demanding to clothes offered to her. She paid attention to every detail and she does it with imperturbable success. At the same time, Her Majesty never chases fashion and new trends. Her attires are always modern, original and appropriate to the arrangement, which the Queen is visiting.

Tweed is almost the most remarkable material in the Queen’s wardrobe. Elizabeth II prefers bright colour grade: tweed costumes, coats and even hats can be yellow, pink and green but necessarily exquisite and impressive.

… and the Prince

Prince Charles wears also elegant clothes, namely tweed suits. More than 30 years he has suits and coats made-up, which he wears when makes public appearance, gets in front of the cameras or just takes rest, for example, hunts.

Prince Charles is often called prince of fashion and fashion icon in British press, what surprises him very much. “My costumes like a stopped clock – and my time comes around every 25 years”, says the prince.

Mr Bean and fair ladies

The famous comedian Rowan Atkinson enjoyed James Bond films as a child and wanted to be James Bond. Maybe, then he admired elegant tweed suits of Sean Connery. Atkinson hasn’t become Bond but parodied him skilfully. And Mr Bean, who made him name, can compete with Her Majesty’s spy in popularity.

Mr Bean wears the famous tweed jacket. He has it in all the films. In fact, Rowan Atkinson is not like his character. He’s a serious and calm gentleman with fine sense of humour. However, he wears tweed suits constantly.

British stars of the fair sex also do not keep away from tweed. In the United Kingdom comfortable tweed coats are worn by supermodel Kate Moss, a popular singer Adele, who has recently taken Oscar for the song in one of the James Bond films. Actress Tilda Swinton also likes wearing a delicate tweed coat. However, it’s not surprising. It’s comfortable, beautiful and warm, what else does one need to make a public appearance?

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