Tweed and James Bond

Bond, James Bond doesn’t need a presentation. This movie character embodies men’s English style for more than a half century. Nevertheless, when Sean Connery tried out for the part of the first Bond, author of the books about James Bond, Ian Fleming, didn’t like the actor. The writer was considered that Connery was not elegant enough for embodying of his character. To reassure the writer, producers made Connery to wear expensive beautiful suit constantly. To wear it day and night and even sleep in it. Thus they made all to turn the elegant clothes almost into a second skin of the actor. And they didn’t miscalculate. Connery in the role of Bond was extraordinary successful, for many decades he and his suits, clock and cars amount to a symbol of gentleman’s chic. This tendency can be followed up up to now. If the British top agent 007 wears one or another suit, very soon customers in shops begin to ask “Do you have a suit from the scene...?” Millions of men trust pure taste of James Bond.

Famous suits of James Bond played by Sean Connery were made up by Anthony Sinclair. The tailor himself was responsible for attires of the character for all the James Bond films beginning with “Dr. No” and to “Diamonds are forever”. It was Sinclair who set a tone of Bond’s image which became ingrained in mind of the generations of people. Sinclair dressed Bond in severe English classics: light woollen fabric of the suits, classic tweed, dimmed colours: grey, blue, pin-striped or faint checked.

One of the next performers of a part of Bond, Roger Moore, also wore a tweed suit sometimes.

It became known in the 23d James Bond film “Skyfall” that Bond comes from Scotland. It means that this is another reason to check Bond’s wardrobe for tweed items. And there they are! Every fashion designer feels honoured to dress James Bond. Suits for the latest films were made up by Tom Ford. “There’s nothing better for me than to work with Daniel Craig [performer of a Bond’s part] again”, admires the designer. “James Bond is an embodiment of Tom Ford’s person, his elegance, style and love for luxury. I’m thrilled with working on this significant character”. Tom Ford made up some marvellous suits for Bond; he also dressed Bond in tweed coat.

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