Tweed kleding

Yesterday men’s and today women’s tweed

Heavy and hard fabric made of sheep wool, namely tweed, is known since the 19th century. Great Britain (and namely Scotland) is considered to be tweed’s homeland.

White tweed jacket — what is it worn with?

It is worth to pay special attention to creating of a capsule wardrobe. One of its essential elements is a classical jacket. For example, white tweed jacket, elegant design of which will beautify any woman.

What is women’s tweed coat combined with?

Tweed coat is good in every respect: it keeps warmth in chilly weather, gives comfort, emphasise beauty of figure perfectly.

What is men’s tweed coat combined with?

When buying a new coat, every man wants to get a functional durable item. Such an item, which would be appropriate for all of life's emergencies.

What are tweed waistcoats combined with?

Hard-wearing, stylish, warm tweed waistcoats are bought not only by the older generation who adore fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation like Victorian gentlemen but also by the youth.

What are tweed trousers combined with?

Since inimitable Coco Chanel had declared to fashion-mongers that modern women’s clothes should be comfortable and functional, they began to borrow items from men’s wardrobe.

Tweed suit: to buy or to sew?

It is not a secret that made to measure clothes fit to its owner better than ready-made clothes. Tailor will take into account all the individualities of customer’s figure.

Tweed is the best choice in autumn time!

Especially good tweed clothes are in chilly autumn. Moreover, they are ideal for autumn time! There are some reasons for that: firstly, natural qualities of the material, secondly, its elegance.

Tweed is stylish, warm and beautiful

From the 20s of the last century and up to now tweed clothes stay on the catwalks of the world and their popularity keeps growing. The tweed clothes are preferred by many celebrities.

Tweed hats Hanna Hats

Admiring of the fashionable headwears on the pictures in glossy magazines many people don’t venture on buying of a hat because they don’t know how to wear and take care of it.

Tweed dresses: create stylish image

In the wardrobe of every businesswoman should be dress made of Scotch tweed. Functionality and elegance never go out of fashion.

Tweed clothes — what does one wear with it?

Tweed clothes become more and more fashionable. British traditions, aristocratic appearance, clothes in retro style... These tendencies form a special stream in city fashion, and tweed is there extremely appropriate.

Tweed at the office

Tweed suits are often associated with classical traditions, respectability, high quality and exquisiteness. This perception appeared not without reason.

Tweed and myth №1 — tweed makes look fat

Fashion designers combine tweed with different materials: with leather, fur, lace, silk and beads. Tweed creates an atmosphere of classic and severe elegant femininity.

Tweed and classical shoes

Classical tweed suit will help you to make a positive impression in any circumstances. English manufacturing quality speaks for itself: even inexperienced person can appreciate excellent cut and material.

Tweed accessories

It is known that ideal can be attained when details are taken into account. There is no need to use too much details but without them any, even the most marvellous, costume won’t make a proper impression.

Shirts with tweed suit

Classical tweed suit, which almost hasn’t changed since Dickens, becomes more and more popular as formal clothes. Indeed, it’s unfair, that such a hard-wearing material is limited with street fashion.

Pullover with tweed

Do you want to wear tweed jacket with pullover? There are some surprises for you!

Clothes from Great Britain for admirers of British style

Those, who like all genuinely British and who want to dress like Londoner ladies and gentlemen, will especially adore putting on a suit or a coat arrived from the United Kingdom.

Autumn tweed accessories

In the height of summer one just can’t think about forthcoming cold weather! But it is said to repair a cart in December, so let’s speak about fashion tweed accessories for autumn.