Tweed accessories

It is known that ideal can be attained when details are taken into account. There is no need to use too much details but without them any, even the most marvellous, costume won’t make a proper impression. Hats, ties, bags... Tweed revolution hasn’t steered clear of all these important little things.

Tweed accessories — today’s classic

It’s more than likely that the most famous tweed accessories are tweed caps. Peaky cap of peculiar shape and, maybe, with tied-up earlaps, sole-coloured, checked or with houndstooth pattern. For some reason we recall of a pipe and a raincoat... Have you recognised? Of course, it’s the famous master of deductive method, the genial detective who lived in the Baker Street and wore English classic – tweed cap. Dr. Watson also liked walking in the Baskerville mires in a comfortable tweed cap. Apart from Conan Doyle’s characters this warm accessory was in demand by London dandies and hunters, horsemen and cyclists. The sensational Tweed Run gathered a lot of fashion-mongers in caps all over the world!

Do you think you’re a real English gentleman? Then you need a tweed tie, sir. This simple accessory, which is habitual and even casual for the majority of people, can be the very detail, which is necessary in your image. Tweed tie holds the shape perfectly, matches with almost any suit and gives you charm of British dandy. Even if you don’t like retro much and aren’t a vehement follower of traditions of the Misty Albion, you will definitely like warm colourings and nice on the touch material. Besides, these ties, as well as all tweed accessories, are of high quality.

From bag to hotel

Tweed hasn’t neglected such an important accessory as bags. No one who takes care after oneself can do without stylish bag. This accessory not only keeps all necessary things (and, maybe, even some of our secrets) but also completes image of its owner. Tweed bags are very popular on the catwalks and in the streets of cities: fine lady’s bags, men’s brutal bags and even warm covers for laptops. Designers complete their collections with unusual bags made of ancient Scotch fabric, and fashion-mongers buy it yearning to move with the times.

Apart from bags, ties and caps different designers create tweed brooches and bowties. Also you can buy tweed accessories for your home:

  • slipcovers for armchairs and sofas;

  • draperies;

  • cushions;

  • upholstery for soft furniture and chairs.

There is a hotel in Glasgow which is decorated with tweed inside. Can you imagine?!

To buy tweed accessories and surprise others

If you want to buy tweed accessories but you don’t think you’re an adherent of classics, we will give you joy! There are accessories in the world fashion market unusual design of which combines with homelike tweed material. For aficionados of music, who doesn’t wish to part with walkman, there are tweed headphones. The habitual plastic accessory has been “dressed” in warm tweed and thus gained elegance and sheen. At the same time the headphones have all the innovative functions and can be folded compactly, so one can take them along anywhere.

Another accessory is more surprising. It’s a men’s tweed bag in shape of... skull. This bag is intended to replace everlasting men's handbags. A skull made of severe grey tweed will keep all your valuables and tell others about your sense of humour and nonstandard view of life. Every sample of the collection is unique as well as its anatomical prototype. Be ready that the original tweed skull will make you an object of curious glances.

As you can see, tweed accessories will satisfy even the most demanding taste from conservative aristocratism to rebellious underground. Just go for it!

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