Tweed hats Hanna Hats

Tweed hats Hanna Hats: gold pool of the English style

Admiring of the fashionable headwears on the pictures in glossy magazines many people don’t venture on buying of a hat because they don’t know how to wear and take care of it. Tweed hat Hanna Hats can be recommended to all who doubt. Ergonomical design of every model is time-proved.

Hanna Hats: fascination of tradition

Do you want to understand the inner of tweed? Go to the fountainhead! The history of brand Hanna Hats began in 1924 at a little family factory, which belonged to David Hanna. Entwinement of heterogeneous yarn formed dense granulation texture in elaborate colours that reminded of salt mixed with pepper. Authentic Irish tweed Donegal, named after its home town, doesn’t need special treatment and at the same time is so natural that every man dressed in branded hat or cap doesn’t notice how he turns into a compelling dandy.

Hanna Hats: aesthetics of comfort

The founder of the brand was inspired for making of hats with hard climate, which tests severely luxurious felt hats of dandies. Warm tweed hat or cap is a different story. Tweed is, arguably, the only material in the world which is natural and waterproof. Classical tweed hat, worn by gentlemen during hunting or fishing, doesn’t have rigid frame and can be put in a bag, when the sun comes out. The very headwears were preferred by Sherlock Holmes, who appreciated functuinality and comfort.

There is no reason to be afraid of some rumples. They are part and parcel of soft tweed cap which gives an image inimitable charm. Admirers of clear lines should pay attention to Vintage models that have changed only slightly since Pickwick Club.

Minimalistic hats Hanna Hats are a real finding for a reserved gentleman who doesn’t like glamorous decorations. Unique texture of Donegal tweed is so expressive that any complement will be redundant. An ideal doesn’t need decorations. Nevertheless, it’s not true, that brand Hanna Hats can be interesting only for conservative middle-aged men. Exquisite mosaic hat made of multi-coloured swatches is an excellent present for outstanding creative young man. 

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