Tweed coat in Oversize style

Minimalism in clothing is no more popular; today oversize style is in demand. Loose silhouettes, too big clothes, effect, as if an item in one or two sizes bigger than needed, characterize this up-to-date trend.

Oversize style can be seen through the example of different items but some of them became especially popular. For instance, pullovers, hoodies and sweatshirts, casual dresses and, of course, coats belong to these items. Tweed coat in oversize style is the most up-to-date item of clothing in autumn season.

Advantages of oversize

Oversize style is popular with almost all fashion-mongers. By the way, oversize tweed coats are produced not only for women but also for men.

Loose silhouette disguises figure’s shortcomings visually. Women look exquisite and delicate.

Besides, oversize style emphasizes originality of pattern and fabric’s texture, what is of special relevance for tweed coat.

What does one wear with oversize coat?

Tweed coat in oversize style can be both sole-coloured and with some pattern, for example, small or big checked. All the tints will be appropriate; it depends on one’s personal preferences.

What can one wear with such a coat? There is a plenty of variants: tight trousers, skinny jeans, leather leggings in combination with loose knitted pullovers, tweed waistcoats, shirts or blouses. Skirts or dresses made of high-count fabric will also look pertinent.

Try to add colours in your image, there is a lack of bright tints in dull autumn days. You can choose a coat in full colour: tweed has a great number of unique variants. Coat in soothing colour can be fleshed out with bright details.

Image can be completed with stylish leather shoes: hacking boots, ankle boots, brogues or derby. And, of course, don’t forget about accessories, they will give zest to your style.

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