Brooklyn tweed — knitted tweed from America

Tweed is traditionally British material, which evokes associations with the Royal Family, Sherlock Holmes, hunting, classical bikes and gentlemen strolling in the streets of London.

And what will you tell about American tweed? And this is not usual tweed, which is well-known, but knitted tweed. Don’t you know about its existence? Then please meet — Brooklyn Tweed, an American company, producing natural wool and inspiring its admirers in the whole world.

Birth of success

Every success has its own history and every history has its beginning. The history of knitted tweed began about 10 years ago in the 2005 when a prospective founder of the company Brooklyn Tweed moved to New York. And yes, you’ve read it correctly, knitted tweed business is run by a man, a photographer, an artist, a knitter and an unbelievably creative person Jared Flood.

There was a small yarn shop next door to Jared. The atmosphere of the shop inspired Flood. He adopted a pseudonym Brooklyn Tweed and under this name started his own blog in the Internet. In the blog one could find notes about travels, various sorts and qualities of wool and also designer drawings, sketches and outlines.

The more Flood got to know about this area, the more interested he was in the twists and turns of the process of wool production. He went to the state New Hampshire, to the city Harrisville, which was famous for its textile industry. A family factory which Jared Flood fruitfully cooperates with works there.

A source of inspiration

During a very short period Brooklyn Tweed was developed in a big company, which produces high-quality wool of different sorts and offers original designs of knitted clothes. However, this is not just a shop, where one can buy a knitted pullover or scarf!

No, Brooklyn Tweed is more than this, it’s a special source of inspiration, which has no parallels. Lookbook Wool People consists of models, which you are supposed to ... knit yourself!

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