Eight-piece cap: a versatile accessory for all

Tweed eight-piece cap is a great accessory that is popular for over hundred of years. This hat can be worn by both men and women with pleasure. The accessory can complement different styles and personalize your outfit.

Different names

A recognizable image of eight-piece cap appeared in the late 19th century. A sizable upper part made of eight pieces, a rigid and slightly curved peak and a button on the top: these head wears were a cross between the classic cap and the beret. In the 1920s the eight-piece cap has gained popularity and become an essential part of the wardrobe of many people.

In addition to the Eight-piece, the cap received different names. For example, Newsboy cap, a cap of a paper boy, and Gatsby cap named after the main character of Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. More precisely, it happened because of the 1974 adaptation of the novel where Gatsby was wearing that cap.

From working people to the elite

The eight-piece cap became popular in different strata of society. It can be seen on the famous picture of New York working people of the 30s. At the same time, this cap took fancy of golfers because of its comfort and elegant style. Now the tweed eight-piece cap is worn by such stars like David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher, Sean Connery.

Besides, the tweed eight-piece cap is highly appropriate in women’s wardrobe! This accessory emphasizes fragility and finesse of image.

The tweed cap can complement both the classical style and the casual image perfectly. It can be worn with a formal suit, a classical overcoat, a jumper, a T-shirt and with jeans. The tweed eight-piece cap gives your image elegance and refinement, whatever style you prefer.

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