Tweed style of band Peaky Blinders

Crime films can take place not only in Chicago. British film director Steven Knight told an exciting story about duel of an honest inspector with a gangster gang Peaky Blinders that subdued populous Birmingham. 6 episodes of the first series were enough for the bad boys in stylish tweed caps to win hearts of viewers.

Peaky Blinders: tweed as crime instrument

The film’s success was provided among other things by Cillian Murphy’s vicious charm shaded with expressive tweed’s texture.

Unlike other detective series Peaky Blinders is based on fact. Under ominous chords by Nick Cave viewers plunge into gangland of British industrial cities of the beginning of the last century. Thought-out clothing of the characters of the Peaky Blinders series emphasises dark and rough world curdled between the two wars but not without romantic side.

The gangster family Shelby chose tweed caps, which accompanied respectable gentlemen of the Victorian Era during hunting and outings, as a mascot not by accident. Narrowed peak with sewn-in blade is a tribute to the cruel world, which poses a question point-blank: make or mar. But in the usual pattern of multicoloured woollen threads of tweed fabric the same captivating melody sounds which reminds of traditions handed down from generation to generation carefully.

Gentlemen of fortune

Despite committed robberies and murders, members of the gang Peaky Blinders wake more sympathy than some goodies. Moving loyalty of the brothers Shelby to their tweed caps, big family and peculiar honour code correlates with well-known image of a gangster and a gentleman, which was popularised in mass culture by Rafael Sabatini.

Good and evil, love and blood, ups and downs are closely intertwined in life of the main character, like black and white thread in herringbone pattern of the good old tweed. Now nostalgic tweed fashion of the Peaky Blinders series spreads around the world actively. Making a splash in cap with narrowed peak many chaps dream of proving themselves in the quality of gentleman of fortune!

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