Tweed in modern fashion collections

Some people believe that tweed clothes are always very conservative and even old-fashioned. It is thought that only elderly university professors or extravagant artists wear tweed. This opinion is completely wrong. Having a plenty of classical models whose cut doesn’t change for decades, tweed remains an item of constant experiments of modern fashion designers.

The English fashion house Burberry presented autumn/winter collection 2012/2013 namely with tweed. Burberry offers public to wear short cardigans, skirts, coats, kepis... and all these made of tweed fabric! Burberry experiments with cut only, tweed material remains unchanged.

Another “British” Alexander McQueen also uses tweed often under the guidance of his creative director Sarah Burton. Winter collection 2013 offers brand admirers to wear lengthened fitted tweed jerkins and to don a warm and loose tweed coat with light fringe.

The French fashion house CHLOE headed by Stella McCartney is ready to dress in tweed even children this winter, for example, in comfortable and warm tweed trousers.

Another devoted adherent of tweed clothes is Tommy Hilfiger. This is not surprising because the majority of collections of this brand is made in style of “English strolling and hunting”. Here one can’t do without tweed.

Tweed presents in all the collections of the famous brand Chanel. Is it their visiting card, tribute to the memory of Gabrielle Chanel or reflection of personal taste of the present head designer Karl Lagerfeld? May be it is known in the fashion house Chanel, that tweed will never go out of fashion. For example, in the autumn collection 2012 tweed ankle boots were presented.

A promising young Dutch designer Hellen Van Rees also likes tweed. The designer admits that classical women tweed costumes from Gabrielle Chanel served as inspiration for her experimental collection. Indeed, strict classic of Chanel can be seen behind the bright, saturated, ruffian youth models from Hellen Van Rees. The collection has recently been presented in London. The challenging ideas of the young Dutch were received quite well.

All these serves as another proof of that tweed will never go out of fashion.

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