Tweed fashion

What to wear with tweed Chanel jacket?

Tweed jacket in Coco Chanel’s style is a very true classic. With this jacket inimitable Coco discovered tweed for women and showed that the thick and hard fabric can look feminine and graceful.

Tweed: trend of winter season

Tweed fabric is well-known to everybody. It is associated with business men wearing elegant tweed suits or business ladies in pencil skirts. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this fabric is rightfully considered to be ideal for making-up classical models for office.

Tweed products from Holland Esquire

Holland Esquire is a relative young but very popular trademark, which specializes in making-up of exclusive classical clothes of natural English fabrics.

Tweed pop art — Chanel summer 2014 collection

Karl Lagerfeld turned tweed into a real piece of art — a hymn to cheerfulness, ode to the modern art, explosion of summer colours and embodiment of the boldest ideas.

Tweed jacket Chanel

The name of famous Coco Chanel is known to everyone. Designer, couturiere, creator of innovative for her time attires and accessories. It is she who clothed woman in the little black dress, trousers, tweed costume.

Tweed is a must have of a modern dandy

A modern term “dandy” differs a little bit from the meaning it had 100 years ago but a temptation to look like a London dandy hasn’t gone. Traditions of the English fashion-monger are also not broken.

Tweed in modern fashion collections

Some people believe that tweed clothes are always very conservative and even old-fashioned. It is thought that only elderly university professors or extravagant artists wear tweed. This opinion is completely wrong.

Tweed fashion for the ages

What is Great Britain primarily associated with? Of course, it’s Big Ben, traditional tee and, doubtless, tweed. This material embodies real English restraint, reliability and elegance. Tweed items can be a stylish supplement to any image and an excellent way to emphasize delicate taste and original style of their owner.

Tweed coat in Oversize style

Minimalism in clothing is no more popular; today oversize style is in demand. Loose silhouettes, too big clothes, effect, as if an item in one or two sizes bigger than needed, characterize this up-to-date trend.

Tweed coat — best choice for autumn!

Autumn tweed coat is a must have of the season. If you are looking for ideal outwear for unpredictable autumn weather, you won’t find a better variant. Unique features of the material, second-to-none quality and elegant outside make tweed coat to an excellent choice for a chilly season.

Tweed 2017 — old story in a new way

Tweed is a hard woollen material, which is used predominantly for making-up jackets and suits. According to all projections it will join the ranks of the most popular attributes of the fashion collections in the coming months.

Quadruped aristocrats: tweed for dogs

The time, when every dog needed only a simple collar and a lead, has passed long ago. Fashion brands offer the most modern items from “the latest collections” for your pets. But what should one choose?

Images in tweed

Tweed suits have never gone out of fashion since they appeared in Britain. Young gentlemen and children from middle class families looked almost identical on holidays.

Elegant bicycles for modern gentlemen

If it’s seems to you that gentlemen live only in London, what is more, in London of the 19th century, a pleasant news waits for you. Today there are also gentlemen and they can live anywhere.

Cherchbi: tweed admirers

Cherchbi is a young but very popular brand in its home country. It was founded in Great Britain by Adam Atkinson in the 2007. Cherchbi believes that its main mission is an extensive popularisation of products made of English tweed.

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