What to wear with tweed Chanel jacket?

Tweed jacket in Coco Chanel’s style is a very true classic. With this jacket inimitable Coco discovered tweed for women and showed that the thick and hard fabric can look feminine and graceful.

According to traditional assumptions this jacket combines with straight skirt and makes up a set. But this image is suitable for the first ladies because classical image seems to be too conservative for the modern fashion-mongers. So, what to wear with the famous tweed Chanel jacket?

Distinctive features

Chanel jacket’s outside is familiar to everyone, even those who isn’t interested in fashion. A little bit short hand cut, marked set of the shoulders, round neck without collar, trimmed edges, slip pockets. Colour grade can be different: from classical black to viable pink, various combinations and patterns.

However, there is only one material possible. It is true Scotch tweed. Tweed not only keeps warmth perfectly but also protects from bad weather conditions. Moreover, it combines with different fabrics ideally. Therefore tweed Chanel jacket can be completed with clothes of thick materials as well as with clothes of light fabrics.


Originality of an image can be attained with the help of counterpoint. For example, one can put on hard tweed Chanel jacket over a flimsy dress and complete the image with exquisite accessories and elegant clutch. It will look very smart and stylish.

Skinny jeans or tight trousers will pass for creating of a casual fashion image perfectly. They can be combined with shirt or jumper. The main point is that they should match to the colour of your Chanel jacket.

Tweed Chanel jacket will help to create a stylish rock-and-roll image. Complete the jacket with skinny jeans, tight leather trousers or even with short cut-offs and loose T-shirt with a bold print – it’s guaranty success!

The image should be completed with right shoes. Tweed Chanel jacket combines with high-heeled shoes, coarse boots and even gumshoes with a platform-sole. Go for it!

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